The Boy Who Cried Help


United States

Outside all day he sat alone,

Bored and unwanted by those in the city below.

Needed a friend but no one came.

Drastic measures he had to take.

To escape the loneliness safe within him,

He called out wolf to find a companion.

But soon realized the means had different ends,

The city was mad and he grew embarrassed.

Ashamed he took control and laughed amongst the faces.

Pity they would not feel for such a lonely boy,

But hate they would harbor for such a stupid kid.

They left in rage leaving him alone again.

He thought a repeat would bring a friend instead.

He called out wolf and saw faces ablaze.

Knowing he did wrong he laughed again.

Being the pity case was worse than no friends.

So he did not explain himself to anyone.

Again they left, again he was alone.

Thinking he was a brat, he was misunderstood.

Dreaming of friends who could never be real.

The side of his eye caught a move.

A wolf this time with nothing to lose,

Once more he called and to his surprise

No one came running to save his life.

The wolf was near and he was scared.

Though he knew the loneliness would end here.

Took one more breath believing it was his fault.

Could have tried harder but let go of the fight.

Asleep he went forever dark.   


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