Boy to Man

To the young boy consuming dreams, keep negativity restricted from your team.To the young girl who stands on her own, you will gain respect and wounds from stones that are thrown. Your instincts will test you from time to time. If you give into the hype, it will be a crime.Regret is jagged pill to swallow. Prevent it with your heart, it's simply there to follow. Run, run, run, distance yourself from your fears. In solitude, you may drown in your own tears. Remain colorblind when life is black and blue. Remember, no one can live your life but you.The world can be viewed as cold and brittle. With problems so big, you feel so little. Love is the key that opens every door. It's the inspiration that keeps you fighting for more.You must apply love to yourself first. You'll learn to trust and appreciate your self worth. As you journey from child to man... Hold on tight to life because the world is in your hands.  

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My family
My community
Our world
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