The Boy That Dreams: A Sestina

Two sleek eyes cast wide open.
in the dimmest of lights, pages
flutter ajar. A composition of innovation
seeps out of the young lad’s mind.
Several years bumping shoulders with the future,
His dreams are another person’s utility. 
He lies awake at midnight, with the utility
of his notebook. As fresh ideas open,
society awaits its imminent future. 
Not being in complete solitude, the pages 
of the boy’s life is complete with his family’s loving mind.
His name is urgently called for by the forces of innovation. 
Embedded on the school hall it states, Innovation
is life’s greatest and most beneficial utility. 
These words are glued to the inquisitive child’s mind.
Walking eagerly back from school, the open 
expanse welcome him to the discoveries of new pages
of his world in which one cannot simply glance at later in the future. 
Plan to complete this in the future,
his teachers constantly preach. Innovations 
of the way his educators assist him breakthrough beyond the pages
of a simple textbook. He sees the evolution of the utility, 
of a simple computer to a whiteboard interacting with an open
group. This propelling curiosity of his is captured within his mind. 
How can such a mind
ponder so greatly of the future?
Lying flat on the bed with open
hands, he endeavors to grasp his dreams of innovation.
With the aid of his cranial utility
belt, he knows where he wants to be without the need of turning pages.  
He fills life’s book, and he must write the pages
that share to the world what his mind
can invent. Thoughts and ideas comprise his vast utility 
which make up for the essence of the future.
The door to innovation,
shares a smile to the boy, as it stands wide open.
Let the world open life’s golden pages.
The converging of innovation meets within the mind. 
And the present is the future, of which one’s brain becomes the ultimate utility.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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