Boy, did I prove them wrong?


I am a girl risen from ashes.

An alcoholic mother

And a drug-addict father.

Yeah, you could say the odds were against me.

Constantly being told you'll amount to nothing.

Boy, did I prove them wrong?


You would think that finding

Your mother in a pool of vodka

With wrists as red as the lipstick she wore

Would destroy you. 

Those lipstick stained wrists

drove me to strength that she never had.

Boy, did I prove them wrong?


You would think that discovering your

Father left you for the

Angel's kiss of dust 

Would make you feel worthless.

But my self-worth depended on MY

Accomplishments and abilities. 

Boy, did I prove them wrong?


I am a human of struggles.

I am a child of addiction.

I am a girl who never felt sorry for herself.

I am a woman risen from ashes.

Boy, I proved them wrong.

This poem is about: 
My family
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