I am a boy

No, I'm not one of those boy toys

I am a boy

My father once said to me

"You'll meet a nice man someday"

I am that man

Yes, I may have been mistaken at birth

But I know who I am

I know what I'm worth

With scars on my skin

And scars on my heart

I know I will win

I know I am smart


I am a boy

As my chest,

My hips grow out larger


Dysphoria cuts in farther


My poor old father

Watches in dismay

As all he can do is pray

As I hate him

I love him

I hate him

I don't know anymore


I am a boy

My features feather soft

My will to live is fading

Off into the dark

I watch as shadows crawl and creep

All around on my ark

As it rocks and creaks


I am a boy

Fragile but new

I am a boy

Tainted by fate

I am a boy

I hope just not too late

This poem is about: 
My family


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