The Boy

Tue, 03/22/2016 - 19:51 -- xoch103

There was  a lost boy

who was alone, not a care in the world

He had the most beatiful eyes, and his hair that was all curled.

On a very special night, he took me out to see a place

This was a very good night indeed

He was such a jolly fellow, and he was like a blind man who cannot see.

Our love grew, and grew each day

But something terrible happened my boy passed away

My heart was toren, there was nothing else for me

My one true is now sleeping in peace

I admire the way he was so romantic.

He lived his life so fantastic.

But there was something I will never forget

He told me that he loved me,

Those strong powerful words that I would never regret

My boy told me to, live my life

To find someone who loved me deep inside

That was impossible to follow, but I looked into his eyes

Which were looking like dark shadows.

So I did like he commanded me too

It was hard step to do, noone was like him or so I thought

Later in my life there was a kind young man

Who looked like my boy, and he got my hand

Its been awhile since I felt like that

The years passed, and my life goes on

My husband loves me so much he sings me songs.





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