Boxing Ring


Deep Breath 

Count to TEN



They are screaming and yelling


They are pushing against the doors 


Louder, Louder, the threats get worse


The doors give way they enter now

ready to fight, ready to kill


They've grabbed me, pulled me down

the punches they throw land throughout my body

soon they begin to kick

there is blood, lots of it now

the pain is unbearable

whoever said words don't hurt.....LIED


There's a knife now

it cuts deep into my skin


I pass out, gone, done

They walk away.........



They've won, brought another one down


The ref comes 

He looks , shakes his head and begins to count



I can hear the crowd


their laughing, screaming, hownling


They think they've won, no they know they've won


My heart starts beating faster adrenaline pumping

I hear them, they are celebrateing 

they know they've won , think they've won 


The ref raises his hand, two more counts to go


I start to rise, the pain, the cuts mean nothing now

I must keep going I must get up

I can't let them win, they can't win



I rise on my feet 

I stand firm

the ref doesn't know what to do

he looks from me to them

he asks me if I really want to go on


I step forward

I tell him " SAY 10"



They come towards me ready to knock me down

The punches are worse

It's all worse

They want to win

but they can't, they WON'T

They try to punch me, kick me, cut me

but I've already forgotten that pain


I turn around

covered in blood

I open my mouth 

The same words they used to hurt  

I use to heal 



That is why I write.


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