Isn't it funny how something that you start doing just for fun ends up being the thing that saves your life?

That it is the only thing that can help pull you through when the rest of the world is cutting you like a knife.

I started boxing as a fun way to learn a new skill and to relieve some stress,

But I never thought that it would help me get through so many tough situations when my life was a mess.

One thing that is not talked about enough is how much boxing is a mental sport,

And that it is always there for you, even when the people in your life fall short.

The biggest lesson I learned from boxing is that you can always stand back up, even when you get knocked down,

And that everyone falls, but you are only defeated when you choose to stay on the ground.

I love that in boxing, you can never get comfortable, and that it is never done,

Because it is not over until the bell rings, and the fight is won.

Every time that the bell goes off, you have a new chance to enter a brand new fight,

And it is one of the only sports when you can never plan on everything going exactly right.

It is one of those sports where the underdog can always rise and surprise everyone,

Because you can not get comfortable, until the fight is completely done.

One thing that people don't get is that you have to be a little insane to do what we do,

Because it takes a lot to start this journey, and to see it all the way through.

This isn't a sport where you do it because you kind of love it, it is something that has to set your soul on fire,

And you have to want to do it because you have this overwhelming desire.

The best lesson that boxing has taught me is that as long as you believe in yourself, you don't need fans,

Because the victory all depends on you, and it all lands in yor hands.

Not many people understand that for us, this isn't just a sport, but it is something got us through some of our toughest times,

And that if you can make it through this, then there is no mountain that you can not climb. 


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Julian Favretto

BOXING ;  The poet was successful in expressing the excitement of discovering a new passion. ; Boxing ...She clears up some of the misapprehensions about it and goes on to describe some of its finer attributes . Determination, mental focus and courage are all covered, perhaps the strongest statement is .." you're only defeated when you choose to stay on the ground."  This new found passion shapes personalities and develops character.  all very positive and encouraging vibes eminate from every verse . It also prepares you for climbing those mountains that keep blocking our pathways from time to time.  I like it !                JF

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