Box of Candy

Valentine’s Day arrives, chocolates, teddy bears, and roses about,

Previously dreading my mind’s estate, stands before me my life’s precious delight

Work hard I will to keep even secretly day and night

Floods of happiness I may offer in promise of no forthcoming drought.

A million, a dozen, or simply one, a stolen flower will forever sprout

The future may be a distance away, staying true for a light so bright

Despite the odds, despite unfavorable circumstances, here begins my plight

Zone in, zone out, daydream as I may, visualizing my desired route

From the first day I met you, you have exceeded every expectation or assessment

Like Aladdin and Jasmine, fly we shall because you are a worthwhile investment

Life may not be so excitingly outlandish, not be so lavish, not be so dandy

Not handed down with ease in a gold, silver, or even a bronze platter

Like many before me have said, it’s what’s on the inside that matters

Aesthetically sweet alongside the sweetness within you are just like a box of candy


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