The Bounds of Love

Mon, 05/07/2018 - 10:59 -- goldie

How do you love one person so much 

That the world just stops

That instead of a person 

They're just an idea 

A passion


They rule your thoughts

Your stories

They give you the life you want 

The dreams you love


They hold your world

They are your world

Your love

Your unconditional passion


As you grow

Your relationship does

Hand in Hand

Your strength is gained 


Living longer than your 

They know more

Showing the rules 

By living them 


But they will go

Live their life

And leave you to stand alone

Leaving only memories as a crutch


Each step you take

Acts as your first


Unsure of the once firm ground


It's hard

As time goes on

To understand this 

To yeild to the concept of time

To bow to the idea of distance


But with distance

Stength can prosper

With time

Love can grow



their love

Their passion

You become yourself


Not their shadow 

Their crutch

Not their fan 

Their wind


You realize

No matter how far 

they go


Your love for them

Will do nothing but grow


By defining love

You define yourself


You will never forget them 

For they are a part of you


Just as one takes a step 

You think of them


But the tears no longer show

Just a smile


A smile of joy 

Of hope

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