The Boundaries

It always seems as if

There are so many things to do 

and so little time.

Nowadays, life passes by so quickly,

Without even a second to sneak a glance

at the world outside.

It began without us ever knowing--

The Rush. The Push. The Pull--

that forces us day to day 

To live. To learn, To die.

When will we have time?

To take our time

to experience, to teach, to live, finally.

It always seems as if

we were one way, one day

and another the next.

As if life escaped us

during the times we loved the best.

How long will it take 

For us to be empty of life? Empty of time?

It's sad to know

That the only time 

We'll be free of conviction

free of commitment

free to look

free to experience

free to teach

Unrestricted by time,

is when we are conquered by death.

Only then, 

will we have infinite time left.


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