What are pretenses

that hope should survive,

cradling false allusions,

dying on the one life thread it's tied to?


What is purpose

when it is pegged, but exposed

to the whittling pinings of lost dreams?


Where is love

when fear and distrust and greed

are all that one ever sees?


Where is peace

to calm my troubled heart?

Where is the relief

that soothes my starving needs?


Who made you my captor

to close the doors

of precious sweetness?


The door stood ajar.

My foot almost out the door

shoved back in unceremoniously.

It is shut again.


Hope was a live thing once.

It touched, exhorting forgiveness.

It is gone.

Distaste and discouragement are not aloof.


What happened to the cut bonds?

How is it that phases, illusions, strings of pleasure

are stronger than reality?


I need truth, conviction

not purports that are unsupported.

I cannot be a crutch

when I am losing my balance

with no support of my own.


Where doth the peace lie?

In the life of a known misery

or a dark, misty expanse?





I am towed to and fro.

I cannot control what is not mine.

I am a beggar to the hesitant,

Yet the rich ask.


The easeless mind wanders,

searching high and low for escape.

Crumbs are eaten instead of portion.

The grace and determination

held and wielded so greatly

are withering,

lost to the concrete world.


The strength of the great

falls to vacillation.

The fate of the innocent

unravels to the deft spin of lies.


The trust and love so bonded

bids farewell through

illegitimate consequences.

Actions do not speak love.


How unfortunate it is

that one should see through spells,

light a candle in the dark,

and yet be the only one to push.


My supposed happiness is misery.

My gift of choice is taken.
The wanted hope is no more.

Our cherished dreams do not lie within our borders.


Choosing, changing, affecting

is a hard thing.

Staying, trying, hoping, begging

only drowns one in agony.





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