Bouncing bouncing, the echoes silent around the room

bouncing bouncing, the echoes silent in my tomb.

As it bounces the crisp sound of a whip is heard,

through the net, back on the court, bouncing...

Bouncing bouncing, delight filling in my bowels

bouncing bouncing, sweat dripping from my towels.

Running, jumping, soaring through the air, free as a bird,

off the backboard, through the net, bouncing...

Bouncing bouncing, dribbling left and right

bouncing bouncing, cross-over, no defender left in sight.

Behind the back pass, in the air, Alley-OOP! Smash!

Rim shattering, crowd cheers, heading out of bounds, bouncing...

Bouncing bouncing, whistles blowing, clock stopped

bouncing bouncing, ties undone, clipboards dropped.

Adrenaline pumping, excitement coursing for the final dash.



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