Tue, 02/03/2015 - 02:44 -- vjchew
Broad shoulders,
But not broad enough.
Can't carry those burdens as big as boulders.
Life is rough,
There's debt, oppression, stress, you name it.
To survive, you must be tough.
I understand why many want to quit.
I myself can't do much to alleviate your pain.
I'm powerless, I admit.
But my anger won't suddenly go down the drain.
One day I know I'll be able to help those in need.
To assist those good people who feel that economic strain.
All those suffering people each act as a seed,
To help me grow bigger and stronger,
Because there's always another hungry mouth to feed.
I may not have a position in power,
But the first step is to simply bother
To reduce the burden of those whom many believe can't go any farther.
I may not have the broadest shoulders,
I may look like a nosy meddler,
But I do want to help you with that boulder.


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