Bottles and Backpacks

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 00:04 -- gabbios

11 is an age to play with barbies, for a girl,
 To make friends and go to school,

To play and to twirl,
 A time for us to learn, and be a fool,
     For us to get new backpacks for school,
 For us to love and see the world,
 For us to sleep and swim in the pool
, Not to see Mom get hurled,
     Not by Dad,
 But by the bottle,
 In this imperfect world,
 For us to cry so hard, we throttled,

    At 11 we aren't suppost to be the knights,
 We're supposed to be damsels,
 Not to try and protect our 7 year old sister from fights,
 But to try to be happy, and not in shambless,

    I know you're fighting hard Mom,
 And you've been good for a while,
 But while I've kept my sister out of this, away and calm,
 I feel like I've been swimming up the Nile,

    But you buy my new backpacks,
 Instead of your bottles,
 When I've been stepping over cracks,
  You've been smiling and making Waffles,

    At 11 I had to grow up,
 While I was sad,
 I just said, 'sup.',
 Not worried about how I 'glowed up',

    Only on how to get threw the day,
 While my heart was all over the place,
 I only had one thing to say,
 'You keep buying them backpacks, till there's no trace.',
     At 15 you're emotions are supposed to be acknowledged,
 Have drama for petty reasons,
 And have some form of knowledge,
 While your mood changes like the seasons,

    But you just keep buying new backpacks,
 Thats all you can do,
 Fill in those large gaps,
 Because now at 11 sister, you play, smile and you're true,

    For four years, in two days five,
 I've been protecting you from those bottles,
 Only once have you cried,
 No more will we have to throttle,

   I know my growin up is still going on,
 It started at 11, protecting you, even if I curled,
 And now I'm heading out strong,
 But I know I've done good,
 Because still sister, you at 11 play, laugh, twirl and love the world,

   So now I will always fight the fight,
 That's why I have been always smiling,
   I will always protect others, with all my might,
 Why I have choosen to help other's from just piling,
   Now I know I can make a change,

  Since 11 helping is all I've known,
 Because growning up with those backpacks on a shooting range,
 With bottles made of stone,
 I know I can help others, for I see that I have grown.


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My family
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