Fri, 08/22/2014 - 00:21 -- taleli


This bottle contains my sadness
Every little ounce of despair.
Through open doors it migrates
Hidden with a quickly donned veil.

This bottle contains my fear
Mixed with a sense of self doubt
It joins the other under the veil
But a little bit always spills out.

This bottle contains my hatred
For myself and all that I'll do
I hold it inside of my heart
Because it's all I hold to be true.

This bottle contains my loneliness
It sits quietly in the place that I dwell.
When the darkness of night settles,
It entrapts me in its devilish spell.

These bottles are never to be opened
No one must know what's inside
No one must see how far I've decayed
Or how much I cry every single night.



I love this poem and how real it is!! I can relate to it soooo much 

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