Boredom II


I know you are speaking,
but I am not listening.
my mind wanders and creates,
a circle turns into a duck.
the hum of the lesson,
is a beat box song in my head.
you catch me falling asleep,
I'm just checking for holes in my eyelids.
My doodles are a work of art,
I should hang them in a gallery.
My water bottle sits on the table,
why is it more interesting than you?
I play with any gadget I can find,
pac man shouldn't be this interesting.
My pen is the greatest fun,
I'm now the master of juggling.
I notice habits and people's ticks,
Did you know, you twitch?
I absorb how people look,
Did you know, you have a gray hair?
I count the hairs on people's eye brows,
the penciled ones aren't very fun.
Is it just me,
or is the crack on the wall getting bigger?
I slept all night,
but I'm tired when I'm here.
Forty-nine black tiles,
and Fifty-six white.
Your glasses are dirty,
Their's a stain on your shirt.
Only five minutes have gone by,
I'm bored can't you tell? 
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