The Bored Daydreamer


I would like to be addressed as The Daydreamer

Reality can become boring ; I escape using imagination and music

Except for in this moment,I might have fallen off the cloud that guarded me from those monsters

I sleep more so I can go to my dreams but it has put my body off balance

Mr.Time has made days and weeks run past me while I have stayed still

I should be doing something more productive but I all desire is summertime fun 

Nostalgia takes me back to a childhood filled with trips to beaches and amusement parks

Now I have to search for employment,money for college,and figure out a career

A passion for fashion runs through my veins

The thought of being a Fashionista who travels the world excites me so much I could explode 

Despite this euphoria, the uncertainty of how I am going to get there bothers me 

I am indebted to my imagination because she picks me up from these distressing falls

I am indebted to my imagination because he creates shielding  walls 

When I was younger television and novels  provided a canvas for me to paint what my teenage life would be like 

Fun,freedom and freedom 

I am approaching the end of those  "special " years and I feel like a missed out on something

Yes,I have changed but I  do not feel my age

I  feel like a actress in a play that ended but she can't  leave the stage

I should do myself a favor and burn that painting but I refuse and add more detail to it 

Dreaming of my desires detracts from the truth that I feel stuck and in the wrong place

The reality that I currently face is not troubled just lacks substance

I just thought by this time I would be captain of my own ship navigating the open seas 

Yet at my parents house I sit trying to figure out tomorrow

My heart knows everything will be marvelous in the end but uncertainty has become my enemy

I have come to a conclusion that my imagination can aid me in this battle but I have to open the doors and welcome in the unknown





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