Boredom is an interesting concept

We are both at the peak for creativity and at for inactivity

We have nothing (of interest) to do

Yet it is at this time, there is everything to do

We struggle for entertainment

And then, do the creative juices flow through you

Idea after idea

Daydream after daydream


We can’t guarantee it’ll be a

Breakthrough, a eureka!  moment

Not every time will you beam

Up with a game-changer conception, invention, contraption

But then is when you have the most potential for it

That's when you can conjure up something superb


Just need time

To find the right word-or picture or rhyme

When you’ve got nothing going on and way too much time:

Your personality and surroundings, environment, culture-

Use them to create magic, to create something new,

Something crazy, innovative maybe

When absolutely nothing is happening.


This means: hard work is for try-hards

DO nothing-you may go pretty far

Man, isn’t that enlightening

Activity doesn’t help you think, don’t go run laps

If you really want to change the world

Go home and take a nap

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Our world
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