Mon, 09/10/2018 - 20:56 -- Bobby.

We're so close

A dream that I can't believe in anymore

We're so close

To the wall that told us we're nothing

Nothing more than dirt beneath my shoes

We're so close

Goodbye to my family

And everyone I know

We're so close

To the wall that I've crossed before

Says, "Hello, why have you come back?"

 I don't really know

I'm forced I suppose

I don't want to be near you

But yet we're so close

I'm being dragged at this point

This isn't where I'm meant to be

What happened to land of the free?

Doesn't that include me?

I promise I've done nothing wrong

You stand us in a line

Mock us and say, "go back to Mexico where you belong"

We're so close

To the borders that we will call home


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