Border Crisis

A young boy walks alone

with all he has in one little sack.

He is far far from home 

but he cannot turn back...

He fled violence and instability

only to find a different hostility

in a country that sees refugees as illegal.

You see, I'm not talking about the boy

who walked alone from Ukraine.

I'm talking about a boy that crossed our border in vain. 

Instead of being able to turn a new page

he was pick up by border patrol

and locked in a cage. 

There is where they will keep him until... until what?

Until they find his parents to send him back.

And if they cannot find his parents he will get put back

in his cage full of other children with no where to go.

Here they will keep him till he suddenly no one will know

where he is or where he went.

He will simply disappear like so many other

children who disappear because they no longer have a mother.

The system can't be bothered to treat them like humans

and because of this treatment, their future is uncertain. 

Please stop locking children in cages,

they way immigrants are treated in America is outrageous.

I wish people here would rediscover their humanity.

Instead most are deeply lost in depravity.

What will it take for these colonizers to understand

that no human is illegal on stolen land?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


Jan Wienen

Thank you. Food for thought, but so hard to digest.

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