The minute she steps foot in a library
She has an excited look
And before you can even blink your eye
She has her nose in a book

She reads a million words per minute
And soon gets another one
For a bookworm is never without a book
Her reading is never done

And on, and on, and on she goes
Soon retrieving new books from the shelf
She can't decide which one's the best
So she takes all for herself

When she begins to read again
You may hear her cry
Because the book is very touching
And she didn't want the main character to die

Or you may hear her laugh aloud 
'Cause she found something very funny
When the librarian gives her a stern look
She quiets down and whispers a sorry

Maybe she even talked to the book
Muttering about the characters' stupidity
Ignoring the simple fact 
That the book she's reading is a fantasy

Finally it's time to go
The librarian will soon lock the door
So the bookworm walks out with her books in tow
Until tomorrow when she comes back to read some more


This poem is about: 
Our world


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