We blame others for what they can't be

But we cover ourselves in false identities

With our selective perception

We ignore those we can't see

But hide in lies and obscurity

It may be hard to believe

But the status quo doesn't make friends

Turning against each other

End over end

Books weren't made for there covers,

They were made to be read.


Shrouded in our lies

Our alliances fail

And we have no one to trust

No one to call when you need bail

No shoulder to lean on

But you know that you must

It all comes to head

You want to drop dead

Books fall over without ends


You and I can't see I to eye

We disagree on almost everything

We try to patch things up

But it's not long till a war breaks out

From the fires that sparked

No way to make a new start 

The tension mounts as everyone sides with the heart

There is no where to hide

There is no letter to send

The pages rip and tear

Bonds that are impossible to mend


People grow together 

They say forever

People grow apart

As they bandage their broken hearts

People come, people go

Relationships end and new ones grow

They try to tie down loose ends

But it's hard to make amends

Loose pages flutter 

And fly away in the wind


You've taken quite a fall

You're in all one piece but coming undone

A forgotten dream half insane

Once you're ignited,

The parts can't be reunited

Engulfed in flames

Scattered ashes are all that remain

You've gone past the point of no return

Books burn

We'll never learn


Now you sit and contemplate

Reminisce and brood over every mistake

So much time has gone to waste

Still you wonder if it's not too late

Mortality clings to you like paste

You have no other choice but to wait

You surrender in a war that cannot be won

A fight that cannot be fought

Books sitting on shelves collect dust

As the diamonds in your eyes turn to rust


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