Thu, 10/24/2013 - 14:41 -- Yowane






Horror, Fantasy, Adventure, and More

Genre for everything and everything is genre

Book Stores, Libraries, Books Nooks, and more

All holding paper backs, hard backs, and more.

I connect to the story, the character, the plot

All through the pages. And I thought,

"Why are they turning into technological books?

I can't connect, feel, or touch them, like an actual

book. They're weird, strange feeling, awkward, and

hot. At least with a book I can feel the characters' thoughts."

They're disappearing every day and I'm sad to see them go.

I can't tolerate Nooks, Tablets, just to let you know.

I love the feel of paper, beneath my fingertips,

I hate the feel of static and the feeling that I get.

I can touch the words on paper and feel the writers'


I can't do that on a tablet, it feels more like a rock.

I feel the heroine's feelings, thoughts, and mind

I can do that through the pages and I feel so alive.

I can feel the girl's emotions, her feelings for the guy,

I can tell when she's hurting; I know when she's going to lie.

I can feel another world through the pages of a book,

I can feel and see other people through the text in any book.

A tablet is too bulky, a nook is too weird, at least with a book

I know there's another world near.


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