The Book That Reads Me

Fri, 10/14/2016 - 10:20 -- jpm135

When I awake there is a book to read

Day in and day out, with this book I plead

What’s the topic today, how about tomorrow?

Whatever it is, this book blots out the sorrow

My thoughts, my actions, my mistakes, my passions…

In this book is a plan of action.

Most wake up to read the book of their choice

But I awake to be read, by choice

In the morning I grow in integrity

Throughout the day I prove what todays lesson meant to me

I greet the day in joy and gladness

I yearn to read this book so I may put off this worlds madness

I greet the day, everyday

This book knows me, in everyway

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Our world
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Stuart Bright

This is a great read, nice writing!

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