Book of Life


Boardman High School
Buchanan Dr.
United States
30° 45' 30.5136" N, 98° 14' 17.9988" W

My words are written

in the book of life.

Whether it be that they

contain joy or strife.

I am what i proclaim

all myself to be.

For the only one to stare back through the mirror

will for now and forever be me.


My present is due to the fighters

of freedom in the past

and the future i see before me

is one of freedom at last.

And i shall not stop the fight

the one that makes thought free

for the mind is a gift to be used

to the highest possible degree.


Through the mind we shall know

what we are or what fredooms we can write

and let us hope that the story we have lived

is one worth reading in the book of life.

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