Bon Appétit


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Bon Appétit
By Lynisha Arceus
He pulled the seat from under the table
And told me to sit-down
He said “I will take care of you:
I will treat u right, feed you right, and please you right “
So I slowly sat at the table that was covered with promises that he made to me
He place a plastic plate in front of me
It had two scoops of his bullshit
One scoop of his broken promises
Topped off with pipe dreams he sold to me.
I picked up a plastic spoon and begin to eat all of his lies
The plate was served cold
But I continue to eat all of his bullshit
I had to drink it all down with
Tears and humiliation he cost me
I had to learn the hard way
Never trust a man who promises you the world
But won't even buy you the simplest things
(The cheeseburger was just 69cent on a Sunday)
He puts his wants before my needs
Who only calls when his funds are insufficient
I'm speaking on a full stomach and a broken heart
He fed me what was left over from his past
I'm so full off of his bullshit
I do not have any more room for the next guy that passes
Because he will get all the pain that I endure
From the last guy that passed
Throw onto him like vomit on a T-SHIRT
After a 3 loop roller coaster ride
All I ask of him was to feed me with happiness
But he spoon feed me his sorrow.


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