Bombs and bloody bodies

Wed, 04/03/2019 - 05:04 -- JGVM

( Based on Manchester Bombing, 2017, and the death of Saffie Roussos. )


"Come on Ashlee, you promised you'd get up and dance!"

I look at my little sister, her grin and stubborn stance,

I let her pull me to my feet, we jump up and down,

Saffie belts out lyrics, louder than anyone around,


She watches the concert in awe, her smile lights up the arena,

Think you're an Ariana fan? Man, you should've seen her,

Adrenaline courses through us, we become the booming beat,

When Saffie finally sits down, she can't sit still in her seat,


Ariana hits her last note, fireworks for all to see,

Saffie's grin is inevitable, her face full of glee,

I hold Saffie's hand, we head out nearby doors,

She pulls me speedily ahead, wanting to get outdoors,


I suddenly lose sight of her,

The world's a blur,

People surround me,

"Where are you, Saffie?"

They push me forwards,

Where is she?

I can't see.




I wake to searing hot pain, in my hip and in my thigh,

I bite my lip, clench my fists, and try not to cry,

A scream escapes, I reach my hand to my throbbing leg,

More pain sparks, a scorching war in my head,


I feel sticky, warm blood on my face, matted in my hair,

There's something I need to remember, then bam, it's there,

Saffie! My eyes search the foyer, for her innocent smile,

I see a bloody body, an angel's face, I suddenly taste bile,


My ears ring, I hear muffled screams all around me,

Spots cover my vision, almost instantly I can't see,

It couldn't be…

No, not Saffie…


Pain spreads, like hate and bullets, it will ricochet,

And then all this pain might lead us astray,

From the love we feel, from the love we need,

All the lives we could save, spread love, I plead,


Targeting young kids and parents, that's just sadistic,

22 dead, 800+ injured, according to the statistics,

Pointing guns at one another's heads,

Why can't we just be friends instead?


Violence destroys us, it spreads hate and fear,

For those poor, innocent victims, I'll shed a tear,

Why do we turn guns on one another? Violence isn't a solution,

Why can't we have peace? Just end this hate pollution.


This poem is about: 
Our world



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