Bold, Black and Beautiful


Bold, black and beautiful creatures being displayed as items in a grocery store,

Bar-coded and lined up, their manufacturer must be confused, because they are worth

 so much more than their face value.


Scientific Profile? Beautiful, strong, intelligent blackness that stands tall

Negroid Type? Skin as smooth as butter, warm chocolate, caramel, or kettle black

Crinkle, kinky, curled or straight. An anthropological debate?

Your research and talk will always find the same thing.


You degrade, abuse, and singe.

From here I saw what happened and I fringed, for bold lashes of the whip,

Constant whaling and pained cries, tears that drip,

Blood coupled with salt stung the wounds that were lain,

As he lay in fear, unmovable, paralyzed from the pain.

Through all the beatings, lashes, while we crawled

We still stand firm, and prevail through it all.


So as you will find we are not “the spitting image of evil,”

But an image you once tried to destroy,

An image you so desperately try to duplicate,

This blackness will illuminate,

Through generations of pained isolation and confinement


This” breathes of fresh air on a hot summer day,

Beautiful sunshine peeking from the clouds after the rain,”

Bold, black, beautiful creatures can never be copyrighted.


You can never truly measure the value of a color, black

Its mass is unknown, and unlimited

You can guess, but you may never be definite

So as for

From here I saw what happened I cried,

I was reminded of our strength and how we survived,

No longer do tears pierce my cheeks,

Out from the tears a smile peeks.


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