Boken, alone, and afraid.

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 18:25 -- Mia_

All my insecurities are drowning me in the depth of my despair

Coming to the surface once more to remind me of the girl I used to be 

The girl that used to put on a mask for everyone to see 

So that when she goes home they don’t get the opportunity 

To watch her break down her walls

The girl that used to envy others   for being better slightly more popular than she 

I find myself trapped between who I am and who I wanna be 

Yet they don’t get to meet because when they do I don’t know what will become of me

 And yes that sounds scary but please don’t fear me

 I only want you to see clearly how I feel inside.

Crying at night while others sleep tight

Praying that one day I might get that angel sent from above 

To help me figure out what way will I die.

 Will I die knowing that I lived my best life I guess we won’t know till the times right.

With barely no one by my side, I can safely say that I have my pride

But slowly I find it slipping away into the black sky 

Cause when that sun goes down who knows what goes around town 

When the faux’s spring from limb to limb ready to put on a show for anyone as you can see this is the real me.

The thoughts that race through my mind at night

I remember when I was little that I used to dance to the sound of a fiddle

But as I got older I started realizing that being sober isn’t all that fun but I can drink or smoke cause I won’t cause a problem right? 

Wrong! No, I knew I shouldn’t do the things I do but who knew that a kid with no clue was gonna end up like you

broken, alone, and afraid.


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