Body of Nature

Fri, 11/28/2014 - 20:12 -- sydroos

Those words, flowing through my mind like a boat on the ocean. 

Up, down. Up, down. Where am I going? 

One, deep breath in. 

Two, deep breath out.

Three, what do you see? 

I see a mirror. I see myself. 

Unbrushed hair. 

No makeup. 

No cute outfit. 

Sweats and a T-shirt. 

One, deep breath in. 

Two, deep breath out. 

Three, what do you see?

My hair, a dirty dish water blonde that I’ve had since birth.

My face, covered with acne my teenage years have brought me. 

My eyes, a green-blue.

My lips, red. Too red. 

My arms, stubby and thick.  

My breasts, one slightly larger than the other. 

My stomach, flat, not toned.

My tattoo, a promise I made to myself to remember I’m worth recovery.

My legs, curvy and muscular. 

My feet, red painted toe nails.

One, deep breath in. 

Two, deep breath out. 

Three, what do you really see?

My hair, yellow like a sunflower in the summer. 

My face, porcelain white like the moon. 

My eyes, an ocean filled with mystery.

My lips, a red like lipstick. 

My arms, tree branches, that flow with the wind. 

My breasts, two beautiful twins. 

My stomach, a table for my bowl of cereal. 

My tattoo, a symbol written onto my body for life. 

My legs, tall trees that grow in nature.

My feet, they’ll take me anywhere. 

Breathe in, breathe out. 


Worth It. 






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