Body Glass Stains

Raining on through the cloudy days

Staining the tainted window sills 

Mother nature's song that played 

Flashes that crashed through sky's 


Sleekless mirror that display

with color that erupted every surface

Hiding sorrow within the glass case

It refuses to move


At first it was like hail

From the faulty infatuation embarked

Then pebbles that sailed

leaving cracks and deep marks


Shattering experience 

Breaks the self worth

Sprawled over from interference

of the thrown stone


Stones that crack and injure

on frail limbs

The longing the shards have endured 

Swept into the darken corner 


But along comes a being 

Cutting their feet from below

Seeing the damage done of bleeding

Looking at this horror of a floor show


As each shard is picked up 

hands are wounded from the stories

Shown throw colored glass 

of the unforeseen hurt


One fragment whispers its agony

Heard by hollowed ears

One after another a piece is insert

into a new form of fallen tears


Each hand bleeding from repair

Until its figure was new of past flesh

Feeling of light ensnared

Through such windows ones see in prayer


The window having new frame

A body of a being

Holding an object to be renamed

A heart 



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