Bodies are the worst of prisons



See that glowing of the river-nymph, skin

lit with the sun’s admiration? Trust the slow

glide of the wind’s tresses to lead her back

to home. She dances with a flame that sears

each gaze trapped upon it, weaving a star-

bright cage around her pale form. You have

been caught in the same game, boy, but watch

how her arms tremble with the weight, blind 

to the longing battle in your heart. 


No hidden threads of fate have been found

entwined here, just a twin falter in the hand 

of the universe. Tragic it may be, though you

know that this misalignment strains flesh

to form rigid muscle, and that strength would

do well to ward off the cruel burn of biting

words. These two bodies may be locked in

a scorching match with their minds, but any

head can take warm solace in another soul-

bright heart.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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