Blurry Vision

Most days I like to stare at the wall

Least days I like to cry for long hours

I say there's nothing wrong with me at all

But that lie is most sour.


I hide behind a mask

Decorated in pinks and grays

And I would sure like to ask

"Why am I building so many graves?"


This mask, it comes in all colors

From arrogant and irritating

To the painted pain of others


I do have favorites in choosing:


Hypocritical and mythical

Depressing yet powerful

Sardonic and cynical

Intoxicatingly harmful


Apologies, oh, the apologies

Sorries on layered bluffing

Is it really honesty?

Or is it repetition mocking me?


Ah! I think I found the word,


I guess I'm still just a caged bird

Waiting for that past to just perish.


Can I love, oh, doctor?

"Do you think you're worthy?"

Never have I ever, "oh, what a shocker"


I can feel like a warrior and fight like one too

But it seems like no one can see, the light beneath me

I don't need a savior, do you?

Look in my eyes, don't you see a plea


With all of my love,

I protect thee.

Come forth my dove,

I'll set you free.


Yet at the end of the day,

The girl is still sad

Be as it may,

It wasn't all that bad.


You might be alone

I might be dirty

At least we're home

The tears have been shed and our eyes aren't so blurry.


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