Blue Lives Blackened My Heart

I have no more space in my heart

To mourn for you

It vanished when you stole me from my country

Became a gaping hole when you took my language

It hardened when you murdered my children.


I have no more tears to shed

Not for you.

My well is dry and barren

A drought caused by your greed


Now you are the one being hunted, and killed

Now you know how it feels

To question the very existence of God

To feel as though your survival is an act of defiance

Never knowing when the next attack will begin

Or if it will ever come to an end


I pity you.

For you are ill prepared to fight

Or endure the senseless loss of life

But I will not mourn your loss

I will not come to your door bearing comfort

For you have ravaged my garden and there is nothing left to give.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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