Colors blend from blue to pink, whichever one your blankets dyed when you're given to your parents at birth. But as you go along you find out that there are an infinite number of colors and this pink and blue world might be more of a purple to you or a red to others and maybe to some it's all just black and white. But the spectrum goes on and on and to some the world seems all pink and blue and when a purple walks by they see it as unusual and weird because in their brain they only see in pink and blue. But what happens when the day comes when that's all you see and you realize that maybe you're purple or a fuchsia and you try on every color but none seem to fit you and you feel as if you're drowning and every single color is taking over and the one that kills you is the pink, that one handed to you at birth.

This pink is the constant blanket you wear around everyone because again, it's the one made for you at birth, it's supposed to fit you throughout your entire life. But what happens when the only time it's fit you was at your birth, and everyday after that you've just been wearing the wrong blanket because maybe they just used the wrong dye for you. Maybe they screwed up and made a mistake. But after all your birth certificate says differently, and so do your parents. You walk around in this pink blanket waiting for the day that it ties around your neck and suffocates the person you're not

And although I was handed that pink blanket at birth, it's slowly changing. Maybe in my new life id be give the right blanket. I'd be given a blanket without any dye so as I went on I could add as I go. For now I'm adding that color. The color I feel is my own, even when most thinks it's pink, I think for now it's time for me to add the rest of that dye and say that I am blue. I am blue, I always was and always will be blue.


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