Before everything was written in true,
The grey skies that covered my bearers was written in Blue,
Sadness is Blue?, a lie !
Victory and success, trust me is blue

Foot stuck in a place ,
Motion is backwards, inverse is the forward pace,
Sullen and droopy like a blue dog ; I can’t stop laughing at your face
Don’t be a kill joy Red! , Blue is happy, Embrace !.

You are pure and holy,
No matter how brown and green the earth maybe,
Its the sky below the blue heavens it gives thanks,
That’s it, so be it.

You take purity in how white you are,
Look behind you my brother, your shadow is black as tar.
With all the pride of Gold, there is worth,
Be Blue as the ocean, no one knows your end.

Life is worth living,
Blue signifies beginning,
Our truth lies in how we tarry till the end.
Blue is strong, Blue says Victory is yours.


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Our world


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