To Blossom


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Life is awesome…

Whether you’re a flower ready to blossom

Or a man waking up to a “good morning!”

Why do we humans ever have mourning?

When the birds are permitted to fly,

We humans are free to question why.

Perhaps a blessing in disguise.

Free to think, free to be, and free to look up at the skies.

It is not just to take life for granted

As we live in a world that is truly enchanted.

Why bicker and complain?

When life is our canvas, rarely ever plain.

Life gives us an array of paints

And little to no restraints.

Free to paint our lives in any color

And with whomever we discover.

Whether you’re black, white, red, or green.

We are our own kings and queens.


Because Life is awesome.

Now… Are you ready to blossom?

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Our world
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