Blood Rolls

He held the knife to his skin
And cried, "I don't want to feel this way again."
He wanted all his pain to go away.
In this world of suffering, he didn't want to stay.
He dragged the blade down his arm,
To ease the pain, he did self-harm. 
But he lost control
And just let the blood roll.
Went the blood on the bathroom mat.
He watched it hit the floor
While he added more and more.
He let his tears join his blood
And the red water was a flood. 
He grew weak and everything went dim
But in that moment, his brother found him. 
His brother didn't question why
Instead he didn't let him die.
Crying, his brother held him tight
And told him, "Please hold on, it'll be alright."
His brother stopped the red waterfall, 
Stopped the tears, the blood, he stopped it all. 
He would be dead by now
But that was something his brother wouldn't allow.


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