The Blood of Jesus

He laid his life down for me. 

Never in my life have I loved someone to this extent!

His kindness, graciousness and endearment lives within me.

A child of God I might say.

As I dance in the open field filled with blossoms, tulips and sunflowers

I look up at him with a smile.

"Thank you father!" I repeat as I dance gracefully.

"You are merciful, forgiving and satisfying!"

"You have given me the support and love of my beautiful mother and family."  

“I need you more than I need anyone! Nothing can replace what you have given me.”

Tears begin to shed while talking to him.

Strengthening my relationship with God seemed to be the only thing to make me happy

I laid in the field of flowers and closed my eyes.

I began to dream.

I was broken down in shackles.

Blood dripped down my face.

My body was whipped down as I struggled to take another breath.

He washed me his spirit.

Oh how much strength it gave me.

I rose back to my feet.

I breathe.

I woke up from my dream feeling rejuvenated and blessed.

Drifting away from the fields to my mother’s house

This strong black woman, who I loved, prayed with me.

We prayed on our goals, souls that are lost and family and friends.

Then, I laid in my bed with my mother at peace.

I praised God one more time to let him know

Without him, I would be nothing. 

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