Feelings oh feelings come and go,

Hold them in don’t let them show,

Black lives matter too,

Anger in the crowd of protestors grew,

Who knew?


African american down on the ground,

“Give me liberty or death” is words that are known,

Now “I can’t breath” is a phrase that has grown,

The president’s true self has shown,

Calling for the national guard to stop protestors,


home of the free,

Yet were all led by the president blindly,

The system of justice acts the opposite of kindly,

Land of the brave,

Yet they expect us to give up and cave,

They smile and they wave,

To see others in their grave is the only thing they crave,

Hear the protestors as they march and shout,

Just like our ancestors they are the ones to speak out,

A pandemic can not stop us from going out and about,


Mask on and fingers crossed,

But hope is something that people just tossed,

So many people’s lives have been lost,

And for what cost?


a gun pointed near a little girl,

a 75 year old guy pushed and bled,

makes you want to hurl,

he had major injuries to the head,


you or I,

he or she,

will any of us ever be free?

can a kid walk down the street,

or will someone be shot in their sleep,

like breonna taylor or is this a fear we must keep?



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