Blissfull Youth


The sun is as bright as an oncoming headlight from a slow approaching car at the peak of darkness

Wrapped in mother's arms; Young, grumpy, and hungry

Heavy hearted and sweaty, she feels love instead of pain now

You grow faster than weeds around shrubs, bushes or tress

Life holds smiles, laughs and scrapes on exposed knees

Trudge on through the bad and stand tall through the good

Family and friends are cherished as obvious they should

Days are numbered like a small bird searching for scaps of food

Growing fast out of clothes and into adult teeth

Middle school was easy; High school can't miss a beat

Stressing and crying, the heat can't be taken

Stronger than most, it's not time to be shaken

The journey was long

High school is not wrong!

Accustomed to "I love you" and "How was your day"

Mom holds your heart close like there was no other way

Passing the levels of friends, foes and failure

College is coming you know you are winning

So study, hope, dream, and plan an entire life away

For one day, they'll see you

Shining bright as the suns rays

You've won and succeeded

There's nothing else to say

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