A Blissful Paradigm


All the little things -

Like the sun shining through someone’s hair,

The strength it takes to pull a weed,

Or the look of confusion on a math student’s face.

They all add up to make me smile.


All the big things -

Going to Quinceaneras and wearing ball gowns,

Getting accepted to a university,

Or giving birth to a beautiful baby.

They make me wanna dance.


All the seemingly unimportant things -

For instance, blank paper,

That box filled with junk in the attic,

Or having idle chit chat.

They cause me to giggle.


All the majestic, wonderful things -

Climbing mount everest and writing a book,

Being hit with a bolt of lightening,

And maybe surviving to tell the tale.

All add up to make me cheer.



All the little things,

All the big things,

All the seemingly unimportant things,

All the majestic, wonderful things,

The all make me happy,

Because I smile when I’m happy.

I dance when I’m happy.

I giggle when I’m happy.

And I cheer when I’m happy.



To all those things,

And to everyone who has things like these.

Ones that are distinctive,

Ones that are strange,

And even ones that seem average.


Because there are many things that make people happy.


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