Blissful Ignorance

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 18:57 -- nysia96

Ignorance Is A Bliss.

Such a beautiful bliss

Because of how

The world works.


Although Life continues on

With the Next Generation,

The World's intelligence

Stops and rebels instead

Of blending together.


The Older Generation

Delivers its wisdom and prosperity.

Rather than fight and loathe.


The Younger Generation

Would rather prove its

Authority than honor.


Races are events made

To compete for a purpose,

Not identify a person's

Skin complexion

Or ethnicity.


Language is used to

Communicate to people,

Not speak ill of.


Technology is to provide

Access of convenience,

Not means of bullying.


Love is an

Element that can

Never dissolve

Or evaporate.


But there are those

Who cannot relate

Because it was

Never shown to them.



Starts within,


Spreads out.


Location only allows

People to use

Their sense of



Motivation should be

The drive of success.

Yet, greed and self-regard draws out

The desire of power in order to succeed.


Money is an item

To exchange goods and services,

Not prove how much

Power or control a person possesses.


The Future holds great things

For those who know Honor

And Respect gets a person

Farther than ignorance.


But Ignorance is a bliss

Because intelligence is taught

And can never be bought.


That opens up

A lot of doors

To the World of Knowledge.


Those who lack that

Factor, live a life of

Adventure and curiosity: innocence.


Ignorance Is A Bliss



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