A Blinding Light

As I sway back and forth on my hammock, the sweet smell of honey fills my nose

Reminiscing about the memorable nights I had during my time as a senior in high school

Homecoming, Prom, Disneyland, nights to never forget

A face surfaces from those memories 

A bed of raven black hair slicked to the side 

Almond shaped eyes, filled with the color of hot chocolate that could warm up the coldest nights

A slippery slope of a nose dotted with tiny freckles 

And a fascinating pair of luscious, plump lips that could blind you from a kick ass smile

I slowly bite my lip and smile when I recognize this face

"Oh Tatiana!" sing songs a soft, quiet voice in my ears

I slowly open my eyes and a dark shadow obscures my vision

A flash of light astonishes me and my eyes scramble to adjust 

When they do, the light continues to blind me, but I become aware of his presence as his chocolaty brown eyes curl me up besides him and the smell of honey fills me nose


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