Blind to an Unhealthy Relationship


It is gentle 

It is pure 

It takes over your whole body

You feel a way you have never felt about anyone before 

I met you freshman year of highschool 

I thought you were the cutest

and the funniest 

We fell in love in the summer time 

One year went by 

We had multiple break ups 

But I still loved him


He made me think that it was nothing to worry about when we would go out everynight 

He would go to parties

He would get in my head

Be manipulative 

I would cry and cry and cry

Every single night 

He never trusted me 

He would want my passwords to everything 

He would flirt with girls like he was single

Told him I didn't like it

but he didnt care

2019 comes around and I hear the words I would never want to hear

I was cheated on

I wonder to myself how many times could this had happened 

Now I put my right foot forward and for thr first time ever 

I was the one to break up with him

There is more to the story 

but for now please see the signs of an unhealthy realationship 

please open your eyes

listen to your friends and try to understand where they are coming from


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