Blind Destruction

Blind Destruction


Most people just talk about how

the human race is so great.

How we’re so advanced that previous generations

would hardly recognize the world we live in today.


Huge skyscrapers tower over sprawling cities

like glass giants ruling concrete kingdoms,

lit up with so many lights that we almost

begin to forget that darkness ever existed.


In seconds, one phone call can connect

people on opposite sides of the planet

and we make countless ones every day

without even a second thought.


We have machines that can do practically

everything from performing surgeries on

a near microscopic level to flying to the

the moon and back and we don’t bat an eye.


Hardly anyone chooses to talk about how

those artificial lights block out all the stars and

in those cities the smog is so thick that

it makes it hard for us to breathe.


Or that we can be in the same room and would rather

stare at our screens than have a meaningful conversation.

Moments and like that make us seem so infinitely small,

like single speck of dust in an ocean of rubble and debris.


Sure, we design and build all these great things but

what about everything we destroy in the process?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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