when you like somebody 

It seems so innocent, the way he touches you seems so unintentional he doesn't mind taking it slow or being gentle and you see that he likes you, you just feeling like you mental , on a pedestal he stands tall see with your retinal, he wanna show you he care for you so it's legible , he's careful enough to show you that this love right here is plentiful ,   He says baby your so beautiful as he's reaching for your genital , soft smooth and sensual , you can tell he done this before , he so slick with It now you gettin kinda skeptical , is this acceptable , why is my virginity so collectable , I saw him as a confidant none of his feelings detectable , I feel so dispensable like my pride is forgettable , he made me feel so special now I feel like a tether ball, knocked and winded I might need medical help as I Yelp he just keeps on helping hisself to his wants and needs without me giving consent it's like he is hungry and won't leave me in my sleaze , it's easy to say stop but to physically remove the makeup of the incident and damage he causes me is a serious question I ask myself like man please let my soul go of this squeezing tension and did I mention his invention of his manhood is a description of this friction I feel in my belly it's an appreciation of his lack of patience , to take it slow , he told me he didn't know that I was holding his baby ain't that crazy , it's like I pregnated my self this self hate for this baby I couldn't believe I brought this into this world under these stakes what can I say , I'm a sucker for unconditional love and the love that was not there from him will now come from my bust and my stomach . I am stuck and God forgive me cause I couldn't just make love

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