Blest Fetters


United States
47° 56' 30.2604" N, 122° 14' 0.4776" W

My greatest companion upon the right,

my angel upon the left.

I in the center.

Alas, if only I had a fetter,

to bind my comrades and I together!

For at the end of our journey,

I've lost the tourney,

my friends are gone.

The prize, the princess,

I must confess,

is beyond my grasp.

Her hand I shall never clasp.

My friend urged me to forget,

yet these memories cannot be let.

Blessed chains of silver I seek,

to bind us, the meek, together.

Once more will I gaze upon my friend.

Once more will I survey my flame.

Once more shall we be the same, no longer shall we diverge.


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