A blessing of body, mind, and soul


Dance is known as the language of the soul . A boundless reach. An endless beauty that waits to capture and move. True art, expressed though the body to connect the mind and soul in a maelstrom of emotion. This chaos swallows the stress of a hard day. The pressure crushes any insecurity produced by an imperfect and judgemental world. My friends; who manifest thier very spirits next to mine lift me, and together we rise. Uplifted on the unity of expression in the purest for. A raw feeling of open mindedness and realization leads to a stronger self. Dance to express, not to impress. Find your release and let it hold you against an imperfect life. Support yourself with the others around you who strive to know, to learn, and to find the path to joy. In other words, JUST DANCE!


Need to talk?

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